Stories that change lives

Since the beginning of everything, storytelling has been the most effective and influential means of human interaction that has evolved and has been refined throughout history. Before the world turned into a global town, humans sailing across the oceans, marching through the lands and summiting the mountain peaks would share their endeavours in narratives about […]

Major lessons of the Gem Journey Curriculum

At this point in my vocational career my strongest desire is teaching my students how to master the eight elements of self. Because I sincerely believe if they understand and learn to control each aspect of their lives using these lessons they will be ready and equipped to enjoy the greatest adventure of their lives, their life! The Journey offers each student the opportunity of getting to know themselves, understand themselves and learn the life skills to be in control of their lives.

Author statement

I now fully realise that my work at the mental health coal face may well be drawing to an end. I have a desire, no a passion, driven by my personal time pressure, to tell the world that the major lessons contained in the Gem Journey are the solution to much of today’s mental health dysfunction.

Ron’s Blog 2019

8/15/19 Like all my previous years 2019 has been interesting and very busy. On the 30th of August Mary and I will have been married for fifty years. My youngest grandson was born in July and my oldest Granddaughter graduated from High School and is now onto University. Time, oh good, good time where have […]