Author statement

I now fully realise that my work at the mental health coal face may well be drawing to an end. I have a desire, no a passion, driven by my personal time pressure, to tell the world that the major lessons contained in the Gem Journey are the solution to much of today’s mental health dysfunction. 

Without an ounce of hesitation I can declare that if these lessons are imparted in a culture where the Masteries (learning outcomes) are taught with the expectation of student uptake, the curriculum is given sanction because of its ultimate importance, the lessons are extended and children encouraged to practice the masteries, great outcome will be achieved.

This curriculum transform the lives of the children and families that use it, and it can change the entire conversation of mental health intervention.

Up until this point in time there has not existed a curriculum to teach children how to live. Now there is one… The Gem Journey curriculum offers the opportunity to train up our children in the way they should go in life.