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Mr Ron Phillps|
Gem OfThe First Water
C/- Campbell Lodge
Middlemore Hospital.


Dear Ron

Greetings!  Not sure If you remember me or not, but I attended your course in the Assessment Block at Paremoremo Prison about 1995. I was the dude with the big beard. I am now incarcerated at Totara Unit, Rolleston Prison, outside Christchurch, on the same lag I might add. I transferred down here from Pari in 1996 to be closer to my kids.

While watching 60 MInutes this evening you popped up on my television screen. It was so good seeing you again, and hearing of the good work you’re doing with those young people. Another inmate watched it with me so I ended up raving about you and your Journey through the programme. Your Journey was the best course I have attended during the last eight years, by a long shot. It’s a huge pity that Corrections decided to drastically cut the prison education budget and drop productive courses like yours.

Anyway Ron, the main reason for my writing to you is to give you a copy of a poem I wrote while stiII at Pari. I hope you like it Sir

All the best for the future Ron.

Happy trails!


To Ron Phillips


Come in please
Sit down.
Would’ya like  a coffee
To oil your throat?
Sorry there’s nothing stronger.
Perhaps a fire to warm your bones.
We’re all comfortable now
So we’II let you begin;
And lead us down a winding path,
Your presence close at hand,
Past dangers almost physical,
Through a conjured land.
Too soon your journey’s over,
Your leaving comes too fast,
And sadly we all watch you go;