About Ron Phillips

Ron Phillips, M.F.T. has lived in New Zealand since 1991, where he runs Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention International Ltd. Ron has a Masters degree in Educational Psychology from the University of San Francisco. He is a teacher, lecturer and therapist with almost 40 years experience working with people with psychiatric issues.

Ron, together with his wife, Mary founded and directed Creative Alternatives Inc., a highly successful group home in Northern California. Ron and Mary brought Creative Alternatives into being because of the tremendous need, in the child care industry, for a program which actually cared for societies’ children.

They spent 15 years training in order to learn the dynamics of seriously disturbed children and developing successful treatment methods; this was the origin of ‘Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention’. The Phillips’ philosophy and ethos remain at Creative Alternatives making it one of the finest child care facilities in the world. Today over 200 children live under the guidance and care of 200 plus employees. Many of today’s dedicated employees, including the executive director, were hired by the Phillips’. Creative Alternatives is, as the Phillips’ envisioned, a true alternative. Creative Alternatives is the experiential foundation of Ron’s therapeutic process.

Ron and Mary have three daughters and have enjoyed the privilege of partially raising eight foster sons and one foster daughter.

Ron currently works for Counties Manukau District Health Board at their child and family mental health clinic. Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention (TSI) is an integral part of the clinic’s success in treating the endemic New Zealand youth suicide problem. The power of Ron’s process is evident in the results which are now being shared with the international mental health community. In addition to his work at the clinic, Ron has an active private practice.

Ron is a now a New Zealand citizen. However it should be known that he actively follows the Giants and 49er’s with passion. A passion only equalled to his following of the New Zealand All Blacks.

You can contact Ron on: ronphillips47@gmail.com