TSI for Educators

I originally used my material in blend of arenas, with ‘in clinic’ groups, with families and individuals and with ‘out of clinic’ school based groups, however, six years ago I moved out of the clinic into the schools and I’ve been running groups in schools all over South Auckland (NZ). It’s got to the point where one school has asked me to tell my stories to all the children from their year 10. This material works so well in the classroom environment.

As an educator, if you are looking for a curriculum that your class will genuinely enjoy, then the Gem Journey is for you. Each child can download their own copy of the book from the online store and you can download the talking book for your class.

In the classroom kit there is a teaching book and a 90 minute commentary where I unpack the principles of the journey. The Gem journey can be a great starting point for all kinds of creative art and written projects that spin off the central stories and lead to hours’ worth of great discussion material.

A sampler version of the pack (Gemstones 1) distributed by the Young New Zealanders Foundation (www.youngnz.org.nz) is currently being taught in 400 schools all over New Zealand as part of their health curriculum. Also please check out the ‘Dare to make change’ video in this section of the website to see how my material was adopted nationwide by the New Zealand Police. At one point the Gem Journey was vetted and approved for use by the California School Board.

In this section there are heaps of video clips that show you how my work is impacting the lives of students and professionals who co-facilitate the groups with me and I encourage you to see how best to let The Journey begin to make a difference in your school.

The Journey of emotional development is unending – but the process is never more evident nor pivotal than during adolescence. In this brief and volatile period of every life the conclusions and influences of childhood are cemented into the patterns and behaviours of adulthood. For good or ill, adolescence is the unique window of time where we translate our childhood understandings into the attitudes and beliefs that shape our adult decision-making. As any observer of society knows, without guidance, misinformed or uninformed children can become confused and despondent or even desperate and dangerous adults. However, the right insights delivered in the right way at the right time can make all the difference.The Gem Journey (a programme from TSI International) is a highly effective tool, combining the ancient art of storytelling and ageless moral principles with the best insights of modern psychology and sociology. This engaging and captivating experience sidesteps the attitudes and prejudices of the young listeners and speaks to them on a deep and intuitive level.

Through the universally familiar method of a good story, well told – often before they know it – the young people taking the Gem Journey are drawn into an open and receptive state where the concepts and challenges that each story contains can take root and begin to affect change.

As the programme unfolds and the Journey works its magic the listeners begin to grow in confidence. Young men and women transform from angry and combative adolescents into honest and reflective young adults. Many of the nagging and fearful questions left hanging in their minds from childhood are answered and the resulting clarity provides fertile ground where self acceptance, self discipline and hope can flourish.

As a preventative measure, averting a whole raft of emotional and behavioural difficulties, the Gem Journey is unparalleled. Although many have tried to copy the style or method – no one gets the same results, and schools and organisations throughout New Zealand continue to reap the benefits of partnering with TSI in this programme.

As part of the wider emotional health sphere the Journey helps young people to emerge from adolescence ready to take responsibility for their actions, and able to be confident as individuals and proactive and positive as members of society. The gift that the Journey provides to those who take it, truly is of greater worth than gold.

Ron Phillips, Author and Originator of the Gem Journey has worked with over 18,000 groups and countless families and individuals over the last twenty years. Ron is now in the process of training the next generation of facilitators who take the Journey, share the Journey and then guide others on the Journey. Currently schools throughout Auckland have groups running and over 400 schools around the country are using ‘Gemstones’ a version of the Journey for primary students.