TSI for Families

Our Mission : Changing the world one family at a time

Hi, I’m Ron Phillips and I welcome you to my site which hosts the Splendora Trilogy and the Therapeutic Storytelling Intervention process (TSI) I developed to deliver the journey.

This site has important support information which will help you determine the value and validity of my work to you and your family.

There are numerous and varied forms of information: magazine articles, research, video’s, testimonial and author essays which demonstrate the materials scope and utilization in New Zealand for 20 plus years.

The Gem Inside kit is now ready for parents to take their families on the journey. The nature of the material allows parents to train/educate and equip their children to face life difficulties with confidence. They have a value system, action plans for life’s certain dilemmas’ are in place, and your children have a sense of purpose/identity. The journey can accomplish all of these and more.

I have been using Gem of the First Water since 1985, telling the same story to thousands of children and adults. The un-named boy’s journey is the journey everyone should take. Each story is purpose built and highlights for discussion life lessons necessary for successful living. The kit allows parents to guide their children with one life lesson after another.

There’s nothing more important to me than my family. I’m sure you feel the same. Like any good parent, I want the best for my children. The greatest task I had was to equip my children to face life. I’ve used the TSI stories with my own kids and I’ve seen some fantastic results.

I’ve used these stories as a catalyst for some great discussions with my kids and I’ve been able to impart tons of valuable principles: They have gained the ability to evaluate between what they feel like doing and what they should do, they’ve learned the importance of being honest with themselves, of being thankful for what they have and this material has helped them to move their behaviour in line with their goals and plan success for themselves, to name but a few.

You have an enormous influence in your children’s lives, as they love having your company for those bedtime stories. But imagine if you could transform story time into a time where you become closer to your children and help them see that they have the potential to become their best selves. I want to inspire you! Let me tell the story via download or on the 5 CD set and then you can ask the questions and lead the discussions that flow from them. Often parents get as much out of my stuff as their children do.

After the Second World War a societal shift saw both parents working and more and more the task of imparting values and wisdom was turned over to schools. Lots of kids missed out on hearing their parents showing them the best way to go. The Gem Journey material offers you the opportunity regain that honour and become your child’s mentor and guide, imparting lessons in life.

I will guarantee you hours and hours of great family fun and interaction. Kid’s really get into the story. They relate to the hero and they reflect on his choices and the consequences of them. In this section of the website you will read testimonies from families who have seen real change in the behaviour and attitude of their children by using the TSI material available to you in the online store.