The Gem Journey Kit Notes

My life’s work, now in Kit form, is complete and ready to be used.

The Kit includes all my published materials – videos, audios and written copy – everything I believe you will need to understand and teach the curriculum. The curriculum did not happen overnight.  It’s the result of a life time of refinement and practice. The lessons are based on age old wisdoms, lessons in how to be in charge of your life, how to be equipped to live a healthy life. The website provides historical background information on Gem’s development, blogs, research, testimonials, videos.

The Gem Journey Curriculum guides the participant (you) on a metaphorical Socratic journey towards understanding yourself.   The experience is like ‘looking in a mirror’ offering the opportunity to explore the Elements that make you the person you are. The Gem Journey curriculum teaches how each of your Eight Elements collectively determines everything about you.  And, importantly, it systematically teaches you how to bring each of your elements under your control.  Once these lessons are understood and their solutions habitually applied, you can determine the identity you want for yourself.  You can make yourself into the kind of person you want to be. 

Assuming personal responsibility of your life by taking charge of your time, mind, emotions, and behaviour is a natural outcome from taking the Journey. If you do, your life will be full of purpose, fun, good times filled with joyous celebrations, good will to all and enthusiasm for the future.

The Gem Journey is both a new mental health treatment approach and also a comprehensive guide to living a healthy life. 

The kit will not teach itself. To grasp Its scope, you will need to treat it as you would a university course or job promotion test. No investment, no return.

It’s affordable, priced at what a cheap and cheerful lunch costs.

Those who truly invest will become inspired by the depth of the curriculum’s goodness.   It will be those first few who will be eager to impart these transformational lessons to their children, and it is they who will promote the Gem Journey. 

I believe It’s exactly what we need to be teaching our children … how to live a healthy life

Ron Phillips


The kit contains everything you will need.   Gem Journey Curriculum is a comprehensive guide to knowing yourself and results in Identity achievement. 

The work is based on my theory that we humans are comprised of Eight Elements. These Elements/aspects of Self are common to all humans and yet uniquely personal to each of us. 

Each Element present a personal dilemma; understand and control or ignore and live out the consequences. Your mental health is determined by the choice of what you chose to do regarding these eight elements. They are sums of who you are.

The Gem Journey curriculum is a journey to knowing yourself. Once described as. ‘the journey is like looking in a mirror.’ 

The Gem Journey main purpose is to teach how to understand and control the Elements that make you the person you are. These remedies are in the form of either a Model or a Rule. They are easy to learn and easy to apply. 

The Gem Journey has been trialled and tested and has stood the test of time. 

The Curriculum will not teach itself. To be successful with this curriculum you must invest the same energy you would for a University/job advance course.  Children are the end users of this material. It will be parents who examine/vet this curriculum and become enthusiastic it will be those who market this material.